Foreign Network

The added value of NIBI: the international network


NIBI is the only management school supported by the Foreign Network of Promos offices located on strategic markets around the world.

Participants to the Executive Master implementing the Project Works can rely on the support of the foreign network or of affiliated offices. This is a unique opportunity offered by NIBI to improve the insight of a new market and expand one’s network of contacts with the assistance of high-skilled professionals.

The service provided to each participant is aimed at the Project Work and may include any of the following activities with reference to the Country of interest:

  • drafting and mailing of checked lists of potential partners
  • investigation and basic information on competitors
  • organization of on-site meetings according to office availability.

With its educational offering solely aimed at internationalization-related themes, and with the experience developed through the twenty-year activity of Promos in consulting and support to SMEs on foreign markets, NIBI is confirmed as the most specialized and updated training centre for this issue.

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