Executive Courses

Specialist hands-on skills

NIBI designs and organizes Executive Courses characterized by a practical approach aimed at developing specific skills that can be directly implemented in the working context.

The subjects of the Executive Courses are carefully selected in view of:

  • improving the management of specific critical steps of company internationalization processes, including entry into new markets or fund raising;
  • developing in-depth knowledge of the current issues relevant to specific sectors, in order to allow the participants to stand out in their business area.

The Executive offering is updated on an on-going basis. The following courses are currently available:

  • Islamic finance
  • International marketing
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • International contracts
  • International taxation
  • Country Focus Turchia
  • Country Focus Russia
  • Country Focus Africa
  • Funding for internationalization
  • Business Focus

The Business Focus courses provide details on individual high-potential markets, of particular interest for Italian entrepreneurs. The in-class confrontation with professional operators and entrepreneurs from the reference markets allows to develop a clear overview of practical opportunities for one’s business in the target country, and of the mistakes that need to be avoided.

Business Focus courses are currently organized for the following macro-regions:

  • Europe
  • Mediterranean Basin & Middle East
  • China & Far East
  • Latin America

Each training course is organized in view of providing all the instruments and the know how required to approach the reference foreign markets and build a valuable relation network to be leveraged in the long-term.

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